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Tilford school aims at all round development in every child.

Principal's Message

Our methodology aims to prepare students to be independent thinkers and learners who endeavor to be successful citizens with committed values and global perspective.

Approach and Methodology

What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember,
What I do, I understand.

We believe that education should foster real understanding and real understanding comes from an integrated approach.

We have a vision for our children which is child centric. Our infra structural design, pedagogy, our curriculum and digital content, teachers, activities and assessments are integrated to achieve this vision.

Its our top priority to provide an exciting, engaging and effective learning environment which is full of rich experience in global context.

To rethink mediocre practices in education.We have partnered with Chrysallis because we believe that every child has a unique inner potential and Chrysallis believes that the primary focus of education should be to help every child to discover their potential. The cutting edge research and innovation has resulted in game changing framework and solutions that challenge mediocre practices.

Students at Tilford do not learn concepts in the classrooms they think like scientists and we call our classrooms the thinkrooms. Chrysallis thinkroom is a progressive learning and assessment programme adopted by forward thinking schools.

Playschool Program

At Tilford School, we believe Pre-Primary education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses.Our infrastructure and our unique teaching methodology allows us to help children to develop their senses.

The pre-primary curriculum is based on Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence to provide learning experiences for overall development.

Our teacher to student ratio is a very respectable 2:25.
Field trips enhance the child’s real world learning experience.

Primary School Program

Primary curriculum is pivoted on learning- by -doing and Bloom's taxonomy. We adapt learning from simple to complex covering cognitive, affective and sensory domains. Middle school learning is based on analytical skills and conceptual learning providing scope for the child to visualize and articulate complex and complicated areas sensibly.

Academic Calendar

Different students have different learning styles and perform differently based on the context of learning. However, continuous monitoring of a child’s behavior can help in assessing and develop traits to facilitate the child

Tilford school aims in the all round development in the child. We at Tilford celebrate National and State wide festivals and Curriculum related programs.

The academic year is divided into two terms: Each term consists of Periodic Assessments, term exams and subject enrichment activities along with co-scholastic activities and life skills program.

Subject Area

Cognitive domain of knowledge and skill in an academic program with inter disciplinary fields with pertaining to national, cultural regions.

Assessment Pattern

Strictly as per CBSE's new format for accessing students.

Term I Term II 80 Marks
PA-I, PA-II PA-III, PA-IV 20 Marks
Total 100 Marks


Steady encouragement for pupils at various Talent Examination like SOF(Olympiads) Spell Bee Quizzes.


Various clubs like English club to promote the language skills among the students and Arts and Crafts club to bring out the creativity, Math club were installed for development and Calligraphy club to improve student's Handwriting.

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